History of Our Funeral Home

The mission at Rieth-Rohrer-Ehret Funeral Home is to respectfully provide care, service and remembrance with excellence. This mission has now existed for six generations of Ehrets.

The Ehret legacy began in the late 1800's when Jacob F. Ehret began in the undertaking business. Jacob was joined by his son Cornelius. As was common in this era, the undertaker was also a carpenter; funerals were conducted in individual homes. Jacob later sold his business to Ed Leinhart of Wakarusa in late 1899.

Heredity must play a part in the Ehret tradition - Jacobs' great grandson, at the age of eight, was seen conducting a funeral for a bird. That great grandson was Robert Ehret. In the 1940's, Robert left the Wakarusa area to journey to Puerto Rico where he assisted with the Mennonite Central Committee. While in Puerto Rico he opened his first funeral home. His father, Dwight Ehret, later joined Robert in running this business.

After returning to his native state of Indiana, Robert continued in the funeral business. In 1963 Robert Ehret opened the Rieth-Rohrer-Ehret Funeral Home in Goshen with the help of Don Rieth and Wally Rohrer. Wally Rohrer was formerly with Rohrer Funeral Home of New Paris and Don Rieth was his nephew.

In 1967 Robert acquired the Lienhart Funeral Home in Wakarusa.

In 1981 Roberts' son, Jerry Ehret, joined the business. And, true to the family tradition, in 2009 Jerry was joined by his son, Brant Ehret and daughter, Danae Ehret in 2015. And, both Brant and Danae Ehret became the sixth generation of the Ehret family to be in the Funeral Home business.

Today the tradition which began with that first funeral home which opened in the 1940's by Robert Ehret continues in every way. Everyone at the Rieth-Rohrer-Ehret Funeral Home pays attention to the specific needs of every family. The Ehret family continues to make improvements. They continue to make service their number one priority. Hopefully, many more generations of the Ehrets will provide care, service and remembrance with excellence!


Brant Ehret

Brant Ehret - Current
Executive Associate

Don Rieth

Don L. Rieth (1918 - 1998)
Funeral Director/Embalmer
Jerry Ehret _new

Jerry Ehret - Current
Funeral Director/Embalmer

Wallace Rohrer Wallace Rohrer (1902 - 1988)
Funeral Director/Embalmer
Robert Ehret

Robert Ehret (1921 - 2003)
Funeral Director/Embalmer

Dewey Lienhart Dewey Lienhart (1898 - 1973)
Funeral Director/Embalmer